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Corporate Social Responsibility

Eksons is a business that is aware of our corporate social responsibilities. We care about the environment, communities and the market place we operate in as well as, our employees and shareholders. We strive to develop and maintain policies and practices that promote positive social and environmental impact.

For the environment…

As a plywood producer, we naturally have a particular responsibility to contribute to the timber industry’s combined efforts to limit environmental deterioration. Hence, in our sourcing of logs from sources that, we at Eksons, will ensure that they are from areas approved by the authorities. Strict adherence to this policy in the long run will ensure a long term and uninterrupted supply of logs for our operation.

Eksons has three megawatt biomass co-generation power plant for our plywood mill in Tawau which uses wood chip as feedstock to replace the diesel powered generators. This significantly reduces effects of methane emission and harmful by products of oil based fuel to the environment. 

Recognising the importance of contributing back to the environment, we have incorporated green building elements in the current phase, our development project in Seri Kembangan.
We will continue to incorporate green building elements in the future phases to reduce the carbon footprint of our businesses. This will benefit the owners, tenants and patrons as well as future generations.

For the community…..

Improving the quality of living in the communities we operate in is still one of Eksons’ top social priorities. We find ways to address the community’s priorities and concerns and seek to alleviate the community’s hardships in any way we can through financial or other contributions. In Tawau, for example, Eksons has provided a generator for the nearby community providing electricity where there was none before.

We also provide support in other ways such as participating in the communities’ festivities to foster closer ties and build rapport with the residents of the communities.

For our people….

We recognize we have responsibilities to our employees, the core of our success and growth. Apart from financial rewards, we also provide training programs for our employees to ensure they are equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge to grow and prosper together with the Company they work for.

At our plywood mills, we provide housing, food, recreational facilities and healthcare to our people. Clinics as well as recreational facilities such as basketball, volley ball, sepak takraw and badminton are located within the factory site. Recognizing the religious needs of our work force, there is also surau within each of our sites.

For the market place….

We take pride that our products meet international standards in formaldehyde emission. This confirms our commitment to move towards greener products which improves the well being of end users.

For our development project in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, we take special care to ensure it is family and disabled friendly. We will also ensure that adequate security measures are incorporated in the development's design to ensure the safety of the patrons, business owners and other stakeholders.