April 2000Eksons was listed via an RTO exercise of Chongai Corp Bhd.
Plywood replaces garment as a core business. Annual plywood manufacturing capacity of 135,000 m 3 p.a.
February 2001Promoted to KLSE (now Bursa Malaysia) Main Board.
March 2001Acquired Rajang Plywood Sabah Sdn Bhd.
Group production capacity increased to 255,000 m3 p.a.
Feb-Mar 2005Cessation of the loss-making garment operation.
November 2005 Signed agreement to build biomass plant in Tawau.
March 2006 Turned into net cash position of RM28.4 mil as at FYE 31 March 2006.
May 2006 Proposed joint venture between Eksons and Topaz Blue Sdn Bhd via Vibrant Hub Sdn Bhd, to facilitate the Eksons's venture into property development.
Proposed acquisition of 100% equity interest in Stellar View Development Sdn Bhd (now The Atmosphere Sdn Bhd) by Vibrant Hub Sdn Bhd.
June 2006 Proposed capital repayment of RM0.20 per ordinary share of RM1.00 each in Eksons.
Shareholders approval obtained at EGM in Sept 06
July 2006Additional capacity of 30,000 m3 p.a. was installed, raising total capacity to 150,000 m3 p.a. in the Tawau plant. Total capacity of 285,000 m3 p.a.
December 2006Completion of the acquisition of Stellar View Development Sdn Bhd (now The Atmosphere Sdn Bhd).
June 2007

Completion of capital repayment exercise.

January 2010Completion of the acquisition of Russella Teguh Sdn Bhd.
June 2011Acquisition of Oval Rock Sdn Bhd
August 2011Acquisition of Primary Project Management Sdn Bhd
August 2012Acquisition of Viva Paradise Sdn Bhd